When tenants and companies decide to rent a new building to be their office, they always take into consideration how to access the property, and think about amenities and services in the surroundings that can make their lives easier daily.

Consequently, things like access to main highways or roads, public transport, shared mobility services, as well as parking lots, restaurants, and gyms, are crucial decision-makers points.

Considering their concerns, we created the access and services maps to give our clients a perfect view of accessibilities and the facilities around the building that tenants and employees need every day. 

sales displays

Access and service maps, as well as technical plan and the building’s floorplans, are displayed in our Sales display, which enables future tenants to visualize everything at a glance. 

By using those tools, our landlords can show their future tenants how rewarding it can be for them to have their offices in that specific building. 

Let us guide you to have the perfect tool to find the best tenants for your property. Send us an email or a message through our social media.