Throughout years, we have filled up large commercial spaces for fearless landlords. Nonetheless, we realized that some landlords have bold moves but not necessarily a large property.

They are small or medium-sized buildings’ owners desperately seeking for faster ways to get their property leased, so they can stop losing money.

Taking into consideration their needs, we created the dealReady property service. This tool enhances your building’s attractiveness through a commercial strategy based on a light version of our Landlord representation/lettingAnalysis. It suggests and implements improvements that can be made on the property in areas such as façade signage, entrance hall, elevators, and marketingSuite. Key spaces that can pass through cosmetic renovations that will make your property ready to be leased and can impact your candidates positively when visiting your property.

After the implementation of all the previous work mentioned, this service is fortified by five visits of the team of lettingMakers with a fast lease solution experience that will boost visits to your building and make it fully let.

Get your property ready to be leased by applying this tool in your building.