Leasing a building is not a coincidence. It results from a unique leasing process engineered by our lettingAnalysis.

In the past years, companies have been transforming the way of working and the way of using office spaces. The economy, employment, and trends are no longer the same, and they are in constant evolution.

How do we know it?

Through our lettingAnalysis. This tool gives us a clear vision of the commercial real estate market in the past and present, to build the future.

With our lettingAnalysis, we analyze and audit the commercial attractiveness of your property that is crucial in the entire decision-making process of your future tenant.

The lettingAnalysis service includes research, planning, promotion, and leasing, as a complete leasing process. In the end, our clients receive reports showing relevant insights and suggestions on how to improve their properties to get fully let and enhance their value.

GetFullylet’s ten years of lettingAnalysis expertise has been helping clients worldwide to identify their strongest traits and opportunities to get their properties fully leased.

So, if you still have an empty space, contact us to discover why and how we can get your property fully let.