The task of looking for potential tenants is not easy, and leasing a commercial real estate property requires expertise, research, and planning.

It can take months or even years for landlords to get their buildings leased if they don’t have the perfect team on their side. However, if they have efficient professionals with the ideal leasing skills, this process runs way faster.

Our lettingMakers help landlords to thrive in the commercial real estate market by providing precise letting analysis, suggesting improvements and add-ons for their buildings, as well as identifying possible tenants and creating demand for it. Along with that, they make remarkable visits and coordinate the leasing negotiations. 

To do so, they are always also working beside the brokers to provide the best experiences for future tenants.

Turning negotiations into deals is one of the most active skills of our lettingMakers. They work tirelessly to prepare leasing proposals, lead negotiations, and do everything to conclude deals. However, this can only be possible if they have enough information about your property. It means that lettingMakers can only execute their job after an in-depth analysis done during our “lettingAnalysis.” 

Make your building stand out in the concrete jungle, turning it into a needed property. Get started by sending us all your doubts about how to get your property fully let.