landlord representation

The world has changed, and so has its business model. Industries have been struggling to keep up with the pace of the 21st century, and they are searching for ways of improving their performance. 

For the commercial real estate and landlords, things are not different. However, new tools, products, and services have been developed by us to help this industry and landlords that want to grow fast and profitably. One of these services is called landlord representation.

With this service, GetFullyLet helps landlords, bank groups, owners, private investors, insurance companies, asset managers, and property managers, amongst others, to find the best tenants for their properties with strategic leasing solutions that reduce vacancy and maximize the properties value.

GetFullylet’s letting analysis

With the landlord representation service, clients benefit from the lettingMakers’ real estate expertise to achieve their goals. Also, they have a tailored leasing approach, which is a combination of property, location, and letting analysis, together with property positioning, and specialized real state non-digital and digital marketing strategy.

In addition to that, they are assisted with a commercial program, established leasing procedures, and follow-ups. Also, the lettingMakers help clients by identifying relevant tenants, planning and executing lease term negotiations, and the most important part, making a deal.

Landlord Representation VS
Tenant Representation 

Sometimes it might be confusing to understand the difference between these two services, and it turns out that they are totally different. While “landlord representation” works with the property’s analysis, marketing strategies, and leasing negotiations for building owners, “Tenant Representation” performs to find the best property for their clients. However, both representations work together as partners to give their clients the best service, experience, and find the best office space they can have.

GetFullyLet has experienced lettingMakers who provide the best landlord representation to reach the clients’ objectives.

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