With 77.000 sqm, the Helios building is one of the most remarkable buildings in Luxembourg. Helios has counted with a smart commercial approach to get the property fully let. 

What did we do?

landlord representation | marketing & graphic design | insights & strategy | branding | interior design | commercial leasing

the launch



Convenience is what makes The Arlon 80 a standard building. Considering this strength, we deloped a marketing strategy campaign able to lease more than 1.800 sqm, including one floor that has never been leased before.

landlord representation | marketing & graphic design | insights & strategy | branding | interior design | commercial leasing

the office



Inspired by its super creatives tenants, the Romeinsesteenweg building has a dominant theme and impactful design, allowing employees and visitors to feel like movie stars. The leasing strategy, branding, and commercial follow up have been developed to contribute to the building renting and asset value raising. 

What did we do?

landlord representation | marketing & graphic design | insights & strategy | branding | interior design | commercial leasing

the launch



Leasing a building is not a coincidence. It results from a unique leasing process engineered by our lettingAnalysis.

In the past years, companies have been transforming the way of working and the way of using office spaces. The economy, employment, and trends are no longer the same, and they are in constant evolution.

How do we know it?

Through our lettingAnalysis. This tool gives us a clear vision of the commercial real estate market in the past and present, to build the future.

With our lettingAnalysis, we analyze and audit the commercial attractiveness of your property that is crucial in the entire decision-making process of your future tenant.

The lettingAnalysis service includes research, planning, promotion, and leasing, as a complete leasing process. In the end, our clients receive reports showing relevant insights and suggestions on how to improve their properties to get fully let and enhance their value.

GetFullylet’s ten years of lettingAnalysis expertise has been helping clients worldwide to identify their strongest traits and opportunities to get their properties fully leased.

So, if you still have an empty space, contact us to discover why and how we can get your property fully let.



The task of looking for potential tenants is not easy, and leasing a commercial real estate property requires expertise, research, and planning.

It can take months or even years for landlords to get their buildings leased if they don’t have the perfect team on their side. However, if they have efficient professionals with the ideal leasing skills, this process runs way faster.

Our lettingMakers help landlords to thrive in the commercial real estate market by providing precise letting analysis, suggesting improvements and add-ons for their buildings, as well as identifying possible tenants and creating demand for it. Along with that, they make remarkable visits and coordinate the leasing negotiations. 

To do so, they are always also working beside the brokers to provide the best experiences for future tenants.

Turning negotiations into deals is one of the most active skills of our lettingMakers. They work tirelessly to prepare leasing proposals, lead negotiations, and do everything to conclude deals. However, this can only be possible if they have enough information about your property. It means that lettingMakers can only execute their job after an in-depth analysis done during our “lettingAnalysis.” 

Make your building stand out in the concrete jungle, turning it into a needed property. Get started by sending us all your doubts about how to get your property fully let.


dealReady property

Throughout years, we have filled up large commercial spaces for fearless landlords. Nonetheless, we realized that some landlords have bold moves but not necessarily a large property.

They are small or medium-sized buildings’ owners desperately seeking for faster ways to get their property leased, so they can stop losing money.

Taking into consideration their needs, we created the dealReady property service. This tool enhances your building’s attractiveness through a commercial strategy based on a light version of our Landlord representation/lettingAnalysis. It suggests and implements improvements that can be made on the property in areas such as façade signage, entrance hall, elevators, and marketingSuite. Key spaces that can pass through cosmetic renovations that will make your property ready to be leased and can impact your candidates positively when visiting your property.

After the implementation of all the previous work mentioned, this service is fortified by five visits of the team of lettingMakers with a fast lease solution experience that will boost visits to your building and make it fully let.

Get your property ready to be leased by applying this tool in your building.



All buildings have the potential to be leased and generate income for their owners. However, not all of them are prepared to have the best performance in the commercial real state market.

To do so, they demand specialized professionals who can identify strengths and main weakness of your property to develop a well-thought-out architectural and upgrade project that will make it more appealing and stand-out in the crowd of buildings.

GetFullyLet’s building&renovating services apply all the ten years of experience analyzing the property and market needs and give the right input to improve your property and make it leased fast as well as increase the asset value.

Find out more information about how to build up profitable projects by sending us a message with your building status.



After analyzing and defining a powerful strategy to lease your building, it is time to bring it to life with our moodBook.

The moodBook is a visual representation of a style or concept, theme, and ideas we develop for the property. It shows the intended look and feel of the property, and it is useful for our clients to visualize the quality and impact of an integrated and completed project.

With this tool, we showcase through a collection of pictures, the color palettes,  materials and textures, the placement of elements in the property, branding ideas, and signage systems which together will integrate the look and feel that will sell the story behind your property.

Looking for a personalized look and feel for your property?

Get more information about how to provide an exceptional experience to your future tenant, sending us a quick message.


logo & visual branding

To give a positive visual impact to qualified tenants, we need to work with an outstanding visual strategy to get their attention and make them fall in love with the property in the first visit. 

Having this in mind, we use our logo & visual branding tool to give your building a strong and appealing identity. Both logo and visual branding are the visual representation of a brand, and their function is to position the building on tenants’ top of mind. 

The integration of high quality and unique brand with the property is vital. This visual identity must be part of the tour of the building with outstanding signage, branded carpets, and logo presence through the entire property. It is also used in the commercialization materials as descriptive, offers, personalized presentations, branded mats, and logo stickers.

Want to know more about how to create a brand that will be remembered for prospect tenants? Just get in contact. 


access, services maps & sale displays

When tenants and companies decide to rent a new building to be their office, they always take into consideration how to access the property, and think about amenities and services in the surroundings that can make their lives easier daily.

Consequently, things like access to main highways or roads, public transport, shared mobility services, as well as parking lots, restaurants, and gyms, are crucial decision-makers points.

Considering their concerns, we created the access and services maps to give our clients a perfect view of accessibilities and the facilities around the building that tenants and employees need every day. 

sales displays

Access and service maps, as well as technical plan and the building’s floorplans, are displayed in our Sales display, which enables future tenants to visualize everything at a glance. 

By using those tools, our landlords can show their future tenants how rewarding it can be for them to have their offices in that specific building. 

Let us guide you to have the perfect tool to find the best tenants for your property. Send us an email or a message through our social media.


technical & floorplan design

Tenants are always searching for the best building for their companies and examining their options carefully and in great detail.

A visual report showing all the property’s technical and floor information is essential to help them make up their minds about which building to rent.

Thinking about this concern, we have developed technical and floor plan design services that will help tenants to have a whole overview of the property.

Gathering ours lettingMakers’ knowledge of the property and our designing skills, we provide our clients compiled information about technical characteristics as to condition air system, height, access, security, and elevator, besides designing the floorplan in the look and feel of the building.

Want to know more about these services? Contact us!


promotional merchandise

To promote a new product or service, brands have to consider how they can develop different points of contact with their customers and create awareness about their product or service’s features.

In the marketing world, promotional merchandise is known for being a useful tool when it comes to promoting a brand or product and creating experiences that will last forever on the customer’s mind. 

With our promotional merchandise strategy, we develop corporate identity through personalized business cards, bottles, mousepads, notebooks, calendars or any strategic gift that can be given to prospects tenants aiming to reinforce one more point of contact with them to gain their top of mind.

Promotional merchandise can be an essential service to make sure tenants will remember your building when visiting them. Want to know more about how it works? Talk to us! 


3D images

Visualizing a non-existed project can be hard and selling it to a tenant can seem impossible if they don’t have a visual idea of what is going to be the final result.

To help landlords pursue their goals and show their future tenants their projects, we developed a 3D image or three-dimensional image service. This service intends to show tenants easily and visually how the building, furniture, renovations, or any idea will look like when the project is finished.

Get more information about how to present a three-dimensional project to your future tenants by sending us a message.


website development

Never before has online presence been such a powerful asset in generating brand awareness for your property.

Nearly 8 in 10 tenants start their search online, making it essential to create a website or landing page to your building that is accessible by one click. Your website or landing page should look great and be informative, clear, and user-friendly, whether your audience is using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

We design and develop one-of-a-kind websites built around user experience, cohesive style, and compelling content focused on enhancing the unique selling points of your property.

Your property’s website is customized with your logo and branding identity. It includes all the essential information of the building: the property’s description and specifications, an interactive high-quality photo gallery, Google Maps integration, floor plan PDFs, the services in the building and its surroundings, and a contact capture form to use in lead generation campaigns.

Discover how to develop your digital property presence.



Great customer experience is a new key to success. Clients have a better perception of a brand when they create connections and memories from their own experience.

The same strategy is applied to real estate where tenants can have the most exceptional experience when visiting our Personalized MarketingSuite in your property. This tool empowers tenants’ visits by offering a visual and sensory experience, which makes a differentiation point between your building and the others.

 A well-designed interior characterizes the Personalized MarketingSuite, and it uses a unique visiting approach lead by our lettingMakers to make visits to your property unforgettable. 

GetFullyLet has promoted extraordinary experiential marketing that is remembered by tenants in the past ten years as a crucial decision point to sign a lease agreement.

To give the best first impression and experience, and also be recognized by your future tenant, talk to us.


digital marketing

Marketing has evolved, and the idea of working separately non-digital and digital marketing is no longer applicable.

Every step of a client’s journey must be considered, and strategies should be created accordingly to each stage of it. We must reach the right client with a clear message in the proper platform at a precise time.

Our Digital Marketing service is focused on commercial real estate. The purpose of this tool is to build awareness about your property and generate qualified leads through the most well-known digital platforms in the world like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn, among others.

However, we go one step further with our digital marketing by connecting digital strategists and lettingMakers’ know-how to pursue one goal: generate leads and convert them into future tenants for your building.

Find out more about how to generate qualified leads to your property through digital marketing. Contact to us! 


property photography

Photography is powerful. With less than 3 seconds to make a first impression, your property must consistently make a visual statement without saying a word. Finding the correct way to do it can make all the difference in the perception of the building.

Through high-quality pictures, our property photography service can evoke emotions, create memories, and incentive imagination. With a robust portfolio, landlords can present critical places of the property to tenants, make them have a clear vision of how it looks, and help them idealize how that specific building can fit their offices and business need.

 GetFullyLet’s property photography service portraits the building and its essential areas to visually enhance the tenant’s perception and make them want to move into the property right away.

To learn more about how to make tenants picture themselves on your building, Contact us!