Following the success of our first building just across the street, StepUp, we continued with the features in demand. A perfect and smart building in the 22@ district in Barcelona.

Binar is suited on Pamplona 101 street and is a building that covers the needs of the new generation. The project, inspired by all young professionals, mobility trends, and technology, considers the new ways of living, working, and moving.

Thanks to a good relationship with agents & the potential tenant, great teamwork, and acting quickly, we managed to present the building to the tenant at a crucial moment. Binar turned out to be a perfect future headquarters for the interested company.

What did we do?

landlord representation | marketing & graphic design | insights & strategy branding | signage design | marketing suite & launch event | commercial leasing

Logo Office Building Binar Barcelona
Binar Office Brochure
Entrance Binar office building Barcelona
Office Backyard Binar
Terrace Rooftop Binar Office Building Barcelona
Rooftop Office Binar Building Barcelona
Terrace Rooftop Binar Office Building Barcelona
Binar Backyard Office Building Barcelona
Binar Entrance
Binar running track
Binar lounge
Binar work
Binar details
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The 555

Visibility on the Leuvensesteenweg at Zaventem

The 555 comprises a logistic building and an office building, connected using mixed-use units. It offers first-row visibility on the Leuvensesteenweg. At the center of the building, you’ll find a tranquil, sunny garden with terraces, and the Hi5 club offers the tenants a multifunctional space (lunch, relaxation, sports, and dry cleaning services).

What did we do?

landlord representation | marketing & graphic design | insights & strategy | branding | interior design | commercial leasing

The Exterior

Custom elephant entrance design

The 555 Elephant Entrance

Colourful interior common area
Common area – HI5 club
View to the exterior
Commercial real estate fitness
Commercial real estate ping-pong
Custom art


logo & visual branding

To give a positive visual impact to qualified tenants, we need to work with an outstanding visual strategy to get their attention and make them fall in love with the property in the first visit. 

Having this in mind, we use our logo & visual branding tool to give your building a strong and appealing identity. Both logo and visual branding are the visual representation of a brand, and their function is to position the building on tenants’ top of mind. 

The integration of high quality and unique brand with the property is vital. This visual identity must be part of the tour of the building with outstanding signage, branded carpets, and logo presence through the entire property. It is also used in the commercialization materials as descriptive, offers, personalized presentations, branded mats, and logo stickers.

Want to know more about how to create a brand that will be remembered for prospect tenants? Just get in contact. 


promotional merchandise

To promote a new product or service, brands have to consider how they can develop different points of contact with their customers and create awareness about their product or service’s features.

In the marketing world, promotional merchandise is known for being a useful tool when it comes to promoting a brand or product and creating experiences that will last forever on the customer’s mind. 

With our promotional merchandise strategy, we develop corporate identity through personalized business cards, bottles, mousepads, notebooks, calendars or any strategic gift that can be given to prospects tenants aiming to reinforce one more point of contact with them to gain their top of mind.

Promotional merchandise can be an essential service to make sure tenants will remember your building when visiting them. Want to know more about how it works? Talk to us! 


property photography

Photography is powerful. With less than 3 seconds to make a first impression, your property must consistently make a visual statement without saying a word. Finding the correct way to do it can make all the difference in the perception of the building.

Through high-quality pictures, our property photography service can evoke emotions, create memories, and incentive imagination. With a robust portfolio, landlords can present critical places of the property to tenants, make them have a clear vision of how it looks, and help them idealize how that specific building can fit their offices and business need.

 GetFullyLet’s property photography service portraits the building and its essential areas to visually enhance the tenant’s perception and make them want to move into the property right away.

To learn more about how to make tenants picture themselves on your building, Contact us!