Following the success of our first building just across the street, StepUp, we continued with the features in demand. A perfect and smart building in the 22@ district in Barcelona.

Binar is suited on Pamplona 101 street and is a building that covers the needs of the new generation. The project, inspired by all young professionals, mobility trends, and technology, considers the new ways of living, working, and moving.

Thanks to a good relationship with agents & the potential tenant, great teamwork, and acting quickly, we managed to present the building to the tenant at a crucial moment. Binar turned out to be a perfect future headquarters for the interested company.

What did we do?

landlord representation | marketing & graphic design | insights & strategy branding | signage design | marketing suite & launch event | commercial leasing

Logo Office Building Binar Barcelona
Binar Office Brochure
Entrance Binar office building Barcelona
Office Backyard Binar
Terrace Rooftop Binar Office Building Barcelona
Rooftop Office Binar Building Barcelona
Terrace Rooftop Binar Office Building Barcelona
Binar Backyard Office Building Barcelona
Binar Entrance
Binar running track
Binar lounge
Binar work
Binar details
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The 555

Visibility on the Leuvensesteenweg at Zaventem

The 555 comprises a logistic building and an office building, connected using mixed-use units. It offers first-row visibility on the Leuvensesteenweg. At the center of the building, you’ll find a tranquil, sunny garden with terraces, and the Hi5 club offers the tenants a multifunctional space (lunch, relaxation, sports, and dry cleaning services).

What did we do?

landlord representation | marketing & graphic design | insights & strategy | branding | interior design | commercial leasing

The Exterior

Custom elephant entrance design

The 555 Elephant Entrance

Colourful interior common area
Common area – HI5 club
View to the exterior
Commercial real estate fitness
Commercial real estate ping-pong
Custom art


dealReady property

Throughout years, we have filled up large commercial spaces for fearless landlords. Nonetheless, we realized that some landlords have bold moves but not necessarily a large property.

They are small or medium-sized buildings’ owners desperately seeking for faster ways to get their property leased, so they can stop losing money.

Taking into consideration their needs, we created the dealReady property service. This tool enhances your building’s attractiveness through a commercial strategy based on a light version of our Landlord representation/lettingAnalysis. It suggests and implements improvements that can be made on the property in areas such as façade signage, entrance hall, elevators, and marketingSuite. Key spaces that can pass through cosmetic renovations that will make your property ready to be leased and can impact your candidates positively when visiting your property.

After the implementation of all the previous work mentioned, this service is fortified by five visits of the team of lettingMakers with a fast lease solution experience that will boost visits to your building and make it fully let.

Get your property ready to be leased by applying this tool in your building.



All buildings have the potential to be leased and generate income for their owners. However, not all of them are prepared to have the best performance in the commercial real state market.

To do so, they demand specialized professionals who can identify strengths and main weakness of your property to develop a well-thought-out architectural and upgrade project that will make it more appealing and stand-out in the crowd of buildings.

GetFullyLet’s building&renovating services apply all the ten years of experience analyzing the property and market needs and give the right input to improve your property and make it leased fast as well as increase the asset value.

Find out more information about how to build up profitable projects by sending us a message with your building status.



After analyzing and defining a powerful strategy to lease your building, it is time to bring it to life with our moodBook.

The moodBook is a visual representation of a style or concept, theme, and ideas we develop for the property. It shows the intended look and feel of the property, and it is useful for our clients to visualize the quality and impact of an integrated and completed project.

With this tool, we showcase through a collection of pictures, the color palettes,  materials and textures, the placement of elements in the property, branding ideas, and signage systems which together will integrate the look and feel that will sell the story behind your property.

Looking for a personalized look and feel for your property?

Get more information about how to provide an exceptional experience to your future tenant, sending us a quick message.


3D images

Visualizing a non-existed project can be hard and selling it to a tenant can seem impossible if they don’t have a visual idea of what is going to be the final result.

To help landlords pursue their goals and show their future tenants their projects, we developed a 3D image or three-dimensional image service. This service intends to show tenants easily and visually how the building, furniture, renovations, or any idea will look like when the project is finished.

Get more information about how to present a three-dimensional project to your future tenants by sending us a message.



Great customer experience is a new key to success. Clients have a better perception of a brand when they create connections and memories from their own experience.

The same strategy is applied to real estate where tenants can have the most exceptional experience when visiting our Personalized MarketingSuite in your property. This tool empowers tenants’ visits by offering a visual and sensory experience, which makes a differentiation point between your building and the others.

 A well-designed interior characterizes the Personalized MarketingSuite, and it uses a unique visiting approach lead by our lettingMakers to make visits to your property unforgettable. 

GetFullyLet has promoted extraordinary experiential marketing that is remembered by tenants in the past ten years as a crucial decision point to sign a lease agreement.

To give the best first impression and experience, and also be recognized by your future tenant, talk to us.